Carl Gabriel

Somewhere, someone incredible is waiting to be heard.


The Tradition of Steelpan.¬† Steelpan¬†in North Kensington is well established with Mangrove Steelband, Ebony Steelband and Metronome Steel Orchestra totalling over a 120 years of history between them and within a square mile of eachother. That’s not to mention all the many other Steelbands and teaching programmes in the area. Making the steelpans, teaching the next generation, keeping the traditions and heritage alive. Steelpan is not just another part of North Kensington, it is the heartbeat.

The project is accompanied by a rolling programme of musical events and opportunities to participate over the length of the Rhythm and Sound Installations, check out our events page.

Sound Tradition

Carl Gabriel was born in Trinidad and came to London in 1964, He has been a part of The Notting Hill Carnival ever since. These days he is a full-time carnival artist, known for his wire-bending sculptures, taking this artform to a new level and considered one of the best practitioners in Europe. Find out more about Carl by clicking here.







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