Photographer/ illustrator
Stephen Spark

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.


Sound in Colour.  The sound of a steel band is unique. Listening to a full steelpan orchestra, of seventy plus individuals, playing together as one can be overwhelming. You can physically feel the energy from the orchestra working its way into your feet. The UK’s Panorama is one of the largest steel pan competitions outside of the Caribbean. There is a real sense of community feeling as the musical performances spark conversations within the crowd, and the excitement of identifying a winner keeps you on edge. Panorama is held in North Kensington the day before the Notting Hill Carnival.  If you want to know more about Steelpan and Panorama click here

Colour & Sound

Stephen Spark Born and brought up in leafy Surrey, Stephen was for many years as far removed from Carnival as it’s possible to be. That changed when a friend sent him a soca tape and he was instantly hooked on the music. It prompted a first visit to Notting Hill Carnival in 1985 – with a camera, of course ‑ and he’s been going ever since.







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